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Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder services offered in Phoenix, AZ

Bipolar disorder is a diagnosis based on specific criteria given to individuals struggling with mood stability. In these individuals, their mood can either be elevated/euphoric or irritable for discrete periods, during which individuals can express behaviors that are not considered normal or baseline. These episodes are defined as hypomania or manic episodes. When left untreated, bipolar disorder can lead to significant spells of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. At Shah Psychiatry in Phoenix, Arizona, Neet Shah, MD, offers treatment that can minimize the adverse effects that bipolar disorder can have on you and your loved ones. To learn more, call the office or schedule an appointment online today. 

Bipolar Disorder Q&A

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes unusual changes in mood that affect your thinking, feelings, and behavior — people with bipolar disorder shift between periods of mania and depression.


Mania is the feeling of euphoria. During a manic episode, you feel very up, have a lot of energy, and may experience racing thoughts and irritability. 


Depression makes you feel sad, empty, and hopeless. Your energy level is low, and you have little to no interest in engaging with friends, family, or activities. 

What are the types of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder symptoms vary in severity. The severity of your symptoms determines your bipolar disorder type:

Bipolar I disorder

Bipolar I disorder is the most severe type of this mood disorder. People with bipolar I disorder experience manic episodes that last seven or more days or require hospitalization. Periods of depression that last two or more weeks follow these manic episodes.

Bipolar II disorder

With bipolar II disorder, you have hypomanic episodes, causing less severe manic symptoms that don’t require hospitalization and depressive episodes.


People with cyclothymia fluctuate between periods of hypomania and depression for two or more years. However, their symptoms aren’t severe enough for a bipolar disorder diagnosis.

What can I expect during an initial bipolar disorder consultation?

You can expect personalized, comprehensive, and patient-centered care during your bipolar disorder consultation with Dr. Shah. At your initial visit, Dr. Shah completes a 60 to 90-minute psychiatric assessment, helping him better understand your mental well-being.

He requires a formal initial evaluation and, at times, will ask individuals who are close to you to help confirm your symptoms and help determine a diagnosis.

What are the treatments for bipolar disorder?

Dr. Shah uses essential psychiatric care for bipolar disorder treatment. 

Dr. Shah prioritizes relief through targeting treatments that lead to improvements in well-being without changing your personality or core values. If medications are recommended, Dr. Shah will work with you to determine which medications will have the least side effects, both immediately and over time.

Clients seeking integrative treatment will experience a dedicated program that finds ways to make small and subtle changes in lifestyle, diet, thinking, and feeling that help to use less medication, at lower doses, sometimes for a shorter period of time - due to combined multiple avenues of healing. Dr. Shah focuses on improving an erratic sleep routine, creating systems throughout the day to assess and modulate mood, as well as individualized therapy.

Call Shah Psychiatry or schedule an appointment online for a more personalized approach to managing bipolar disorder.