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Does Dr. Shah take insurance?

Dr. Shah does not accept insurance. There are many reasons for this. As an out of network provider, Dr. Shah is able to spend more time with patients as well as determine the optimal length and type of treatment with no influence of an insurance company.

Dr. Shah can provide a Super Bill which can be sent to a Client’s insurance company for percentage reimbursement based on the individuals ‘Out of Network’ benefits. This Super Bill outlines the services, diagnoses, and fees for services rendered.


Why does Dr. Shah not take insurance?

Dr. Shah provides a wide range of treatments that are not covered by insurance but have substantial impact on mental health such as Virtual reality therapy and holistic medical care. The ability to provide for cutting edge treatments to patients is restricted by current insurance guidelines.

Dr. Shah will charge a card on file (credit card, debit card, HSA card) after services are rendered that day. Clients will never receive a bill months later with little explanation for the bill. In this way, Dr. Shah can ensure that he can provide his unique and high-value care and be paid directly by his patients. This leads to better outcomes and less involvement of any third parties.


Can I meet Dr. Shah in person?

In most cases, effective care can be provided via HIPPA secure telehealth platform allowing for ease in scheduling and patient comfort. Dr. Shah has a physical office in Downtown Phoenix, in certain situations that may benefit from an in-person appointment, however this is not required in most cases.


What are Dr. Shah’s fees?

Fees are dependent on treatment package that best fits the needs of the patient. Dr. Shah has separate fees for different services. Please visit the Services for details on the outlined treatment packages.

Fees for Essential Psychiatric Care:

  • Standard new patient psychiatric assessment (60-90-minute appointment) - $350
  • 1-hour follow up with therapy - $400
  • 30-minute follow up with therapy - $200
  • 15-minute follow up appointments - $150

Fees for Holistic-Integrative Psychiatric Care:

A greater length of time is required to explore all aspects of care via an integrative model. Dr. Shah explores treatment response to high-quality supplements, botanicals, nutrition guidance, dedicated sleep program, personalized exercise program, as well as Ayurvedic and Eastern meditative and reflective practices to improve mindfulness and well-being.

Dr. Shah also explores and interprets functional testing in food sensitivity or allergies, micronutrients, gastro-intestinal testing, and adrenal or hormonal functioning.

  • Holistic-Integrative psychiatric assessment (2.5-hour appointment) - $800
  • 45 min follow-up with therapy - $375

Genetic Testing and Interpretation:

Genetic testing via GenoMind is covered by some insurance companies. Clients can determine out-of-pocket cost of testing for their plan. This is a one-time investment for Clients as genetic testing gives valuable information for a lifetime. This can allow for more optimized care with less trial and error, reducing risk of side effects and treatment response times.

If patient has commercial insurance benefits for this, the test can usually cost less than $400. Your specific insurance will be processed through the genetic testing company GenoMind.

If a Client does not have insurance, typical out-of-pocket cost for self-pay option is $600.

Interpretation of Genetic Testing - $375 for 45-minute appointment which includes personalized recommendations based on testing.

VR -Psychiatry Solutions:

  • Clients that are specifically interested in pursuing treatment strategies using virtual-reality technology through Amelia Virtual Care are encouraged to express their interest to Dr. Shah.
  • Dr. Shah provides a unique therapy experience where in which many illnesses can be addressed via the virtual environment in conjunction with therapy. Dr. Shah will personalize sessions for individual clients.

Dr. Shah charges the same fees for therapy in the VR setting depending on time per session. There is a fee of around $20 to purchase a VR headset from Amazon or other retailers that allows your phone to display the virtual environment.

  • Due to involvement and time required, Dr. Shah requires 30 min, 45 min, or 1 hour therapy follow ups for Virtual reality environments.


Can I see Dr. Shah for an Assessment to receive a second opinion but not continue care?

Dr. Shah requires credit card information to schedule an initial appointment, regardless of treatment package. This card is not billed until services are rendered. Dr. Shah can conduct a consultation appointment but will charge fees for:

Standard new patient psychiatric assessment (60-90-minute appointment) - $350